Import developmente: Why is it important to rely on professionals?

When it comes to importing goods from other countries, it is essential to rely on expert and qualified individuals. Importing opens up a whole new world of challenged, regulations and risks that may have a significant impact on your business' success. That's why you should consider relying on import professionals. Here are some reasons why you should consider this choice. 

  1. Knowledge of regulations and obligations: Importing implies a wide array of laws, regulations and legal obligations that may vary from country to country. An import professional has an in-depth knowledge of laws and procedures for each country, which allow you to avoid costly mistakes and ensure you comply with all necessary rules.

  2. Custom handling and administrative formalities: Drawing up of custom procedures and administrative formalities requires time and attention to details. An import professional can take care of all custom practices, such as compilating documents, managing licenses and permits, and communicating with custom agencies. This allows you to streamline your process and avoid delays or fines caused by administrative errors.

  3. Quality and compliance evaluation: Importing goods means evaluating the product's quality and ensuring they are complying to the required standards. An import professional can help you evaluate suppliers, carry out quality cheks and verify that the products are in compliance with safety regulations and specific requests. This allows you to reduce the risk of receiving defective or non-compliant goods.

  4. Managing logistic: Importing requires planning and logistic management on point in order to ensure the goods are shipped safely and timely. An import manager can take care of all the logistic matters, including choosing the right means of transport, managing shipments, cargo-tracking and resolving any problems that may arise.

  5. Reducing costs and optimizing operations: An import professional can help you optimize your import operations, by identifying the most efficient and cost-effective solutions related to transportation, logistics and managing custom procedures. This can help you reduce overall costs and improve the efficiency of your importing operations.

Scouting and choosing suppliers

LM24 guides you through every phaseo your import experience, ensuring the highest level of support from the best professionals available, from choosing the factory to good delivery.

Import Management

The whole import operation operation will be followed throughout each phase: from the confirmation of the oder, to the arrival at destination. We will be followiing the entire process.

Shipping and Logistics

We are able to sustain the whole shipping process, allowing your company to reduce transport costs and optimize times as needed.

Sampling Management

We follow the whole sampling or prototypes management at suppliers, delivery management and due dates, and the samples adherence to your production needs.

Quality assurance

It is necessary for a company to understand if production is proceeding as planned.

Trading Service

Quando si decide di avviare un import development o di acquistare direttamente all’estero, ci si espone pur sempre ad alcuni rischi quali truffe, frodi, tentativi di phishing da parte di società inesistenti.

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